Welcome to BranchingWorlds.com
I am Matthew Stevenson and this is my personal website.

    I began programming at a young age, and I have been hooked with Computer Science since. I Graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2010, and I have several years of experience working as a Programmer, Software Architect, and Researcher for various companies.

    Within Computer Science my main interest has been AI and Machine Learning. My most recent work has been at Hanson Robotics, where I have been working as a researcher and developer in AI for humanoid robots. I also spent the summer of 2010 at the Social Robotics Lab at Yale University where I worked on a human-robot interaction study and co-authored a paper with Dr. Cindy Bethel.

    Outside of Computer Science, my interests go far and wide. I enjoy Math, Physics, Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology, Economics, and anything related.

Read about some of my projects here.
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