Hanson Robotics creates the world's most realistic human-like robots as well as interactive artificial intelligence. My main focus at Hanson Robotics has been on developing social awareness and conversational capabilities in robots. I have also been know to write servo control libraries and work on embedded systems. Currently, I am the Director of Software.

This is an algorithm for determining the direction of the dominate sound source using a small microphone array. I include a small Visual C++ implemenation of the algorithm.

Agora is website which allows groups to quickly and easily organize online. It was designed to rival websites like Google Groups and Meetup, offering a more intuitive interface and more customization. One of my main focuses with Agora was a flexible user permission system allowing users to model real world organization hierarchies. Websites incldue sections for news, links, photos, forums, documents, and calendars.

As computers become smaller and cheaper we will find we can embed them everywhere, and that we can even put them in our clothes. I am building a prototype wearable computer which can interface to a wide range of sensors and output devices. In the picture you can see it with a haptic belt using 12 vibration motors and a small electronic compass, allowing it to always vibrate north.